Funny dream


Background: Maggie and I have talked a few times this week about how much we’re enjoying reading Snickollet right now. It’s a mom of two year old twins, who lost her husband to cancer when the kids were babies. She’s currently dating someone new, and the blogging has been top notch.

Last night, I dreamt that I was eating at a restaurant near my parents’ house (said restaurant doesn’t exist–I think it’s a Subway currently). There was a woman there with a baby, and it turned out to be Snickollet. She was the nicest, most genuine person, and even let me hold the baby, whom she said was Maddie. Although, thinking on it now, Maddie turned into a sack of flour later…

I kept calling her Snickollet, even though she told me her name was Michelle (I think it’s Stacy for realzies, and she lives in Boston). I told her how much we enjoyed reading her blog and were rooting for her. In the dream, it was like meeting a celebrity. My family left and then walked (!?) up the hill back to the house.

I don’t remember any other details, really, but it left me with warm fuzzies when I woke up.


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