Weekend recap


After work, I tried to set up Mike’s old USB hard drive for my computer to store peektures on. All these RAW photos I’m taking have been gobbling up my sad little 60gb hard drive. I quickly determined that I needed a USB hub, so a trip to Fry’s was in order. We found the hubs, debated each one’s merits for twenty minutes, and then headed to the checkout counter. I swung by the Wii stuff on the way, checking for Wii Fit, which no one ever has–except they had, like, twenty. Money-wise, I probably shouldn’t have bought it, but, gosh darn it, it’s fun, and I’m sore from playing! Jen & Eric came over for Breakfast for Dinner, and we had whole wheat pancakes, scrambled eggs, and fruit salad, nom nom nom. We dined al fresco, after Mike hosed off all the patio furniture. Then we played Wii Fit, and it was fun. Eric chose Whoopi and Jen chose Zoidberg as their Miis!

Mike and I got up late (ok, I got up early, but then went back to bed after fixing some of the blinds). I spoke with my cousin Britt and her kids on Skype for a little while. We ate at Coco’s after seeing the huge line at the Original Pancake House. And Coco’s was OUT OF YOGURT. That is like being out of coffee, to me. I felt pretty gross after breakfast, the eggs were greasy or something and Mike and I chilled on the couch and Tivo-watched 7:30h of Olympics in only one hour! Mike left to go jam with his friend Russ. I did some reading, did some picture-setting-upping, fixed some other blinds, played Wii Fit (woo Wii Age of 21, HA) and watched some random TV. When Mike came home, we tried to play Braid, but it was hurting our brains (especially mine). We went over to Josh’s house instead to play Rock Band with Jawn via the interwebs. Oooh, and then we went to the *Originial* Souplantation in Mission Gorge, and it was weird and unlike any other Souplantation I have ever been to. But still tasty. We went back to Josh’s and played The Game of Life! I won. By a lot. And Josh had boasted during the entire game that he was going to win. I love that game.

We had brekkie at home, I had some yogurt and granola and toast, and we “read” the newspaper. We had a bunch of errands to run–we dropped a bunch of stuff off at Goodwill, went to Guitar Center to find Mike a new case, but failed, couldn’t get on the 125 and got turned around several times, went to Olive Garden in Santee, and then Costco and got $TEXAS of stuff, including $17 of photography printing paper. I wanted to go play tennis across the street, but we couldn’t find Mike’s racket for love or money. We ended up playing one-racketedly, meaning, one person was chucking balls and the other returning them. It was still fun. I printed out my photography homework, and made stuffed zucchini from Costco for dinner, which Maggie proclaimed that she loved. 🙂 And puddin’. I love those Jello single serve puddin mixes. I went upstairs pretty early and watched MASH and went snoozies.

It was a good weekend.


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