Familial Weekend Review


Friday: I got to work, and our boss informed us we could leave after lunch! Woohoo! I spent most of the morning setting up a Blackberry, and then dropped Karin off in Mira Mesa. I got some In N Out, which was woefully tomatoless, and spent the rest of the afternoon finishing TCP/IP Introduction and Advanced, Part II. Most of which I glossed over due to lack of comprehension. Mike took me to the train that evening, which was wall-to wall khaki, polo shirts, and hats. So many golf spectators. SO MANY. The train was running a little late, but my parents still picked me up at 10ish, and then we had to go to a post office in Santa Ana to drop off a Father’s Day card for my grandpa in New Mexico, and then we went home and I went “ZZZZZ”.

Saturday: I woke up at, oh, 5:45a and my body was like HEY, YOU. GET UP. IT IS TIME FOR WORK. And I replied, HELL NO. I managed to sleep in until, oh, 6:05a. I went out to the kitchen in time to catch my invisible brother eating some leftovers before going to work at 7. He worked all weekend at UCI’s bookstore, selling anteaters and other stuffs for commencement. Mom and Dad and I went to the Lakeview Café for breakfast, and it was greeeeasy. I had some eggs and toast and some really watered down OJ. Meh. We then proceeded to a tennis store for my dad’s new racket, then Target, then Mervyn’s, then Chick’s, then to pick up my grandma, then back home before we left for my Aunt Ruth’s in Long Beach. My Aunt Kay and Uncle Roger were also there, along with my Uncle Tim (this is all my dad’s family, folks). Cousins present: Maureen and her FOUR children (Roger, Miranda, Elizabeth, and Henry); Tess and two of her four kids (Lily and Irene); Shannon and her son Chase, and her other in-utero son. Tess, Maureen, my Uncle Tim, and I took the little folk down to the beach, a half-block away. They all jumped in the water with all their clothes on. It was hilarious.

Tess and Irene, who wouldn’t leave Tess’ side.

Tess’ other daughter, Lily. She was so well behaved.

One of Maureen’s twins, Miranda.

Maureen, my grandma Betty, and Chase and the other twin, Elizabeth on the floor.

Chase on the far left, kids in the water with my Uncle Tim, Maureen and Tess staying dry!

Chase and his grandpa, my Uncle Tim. They will someday look identical 🙂

Once we came home, we all took a nap, and then had some Japanese food, and ran in to my Aunt Lynda, who was eating nearby.

Sunday: I woke up at 6, had a migraine, went back to sleep at 7, and managed to sleep until 8. I then made rice krispie treats for later in the day. We went to Zov’s for a father’s day breakfast (mmm granola and yogurt) and it was deelish. We came home, and then coordinated with my Aunt Lynda, and then picked up Togo’s on the way to her house. My Uncle David and Aunt Anita, and their son Kameron had arrived from New Mexico that morning for a week of California fun. David and Anita were ensconsed by the US Open, so I offered to take 3 yr old Kameron to a nearby park to let him run off some of his energy. This plan failed, and I feared I got sunburned on my arms. It was really hot outside. I borrowed my aunt’s old-lady swimsuit and floated around on an inflatable crocodile. She bought the crocs to ward of the ducks that have taken up residence in her pool. Altho, it’s not working. We also had about 800000 rounds of “FLYING FISH”, whereupon Kameron would throw one of the mechanized fish that swim around the pool and make a big splash. Lynda’s gentleman friend cooked steak, which was tough as nails. I opted for a hamburger patty. Scott took me to the train station. Of course it was late, and the seats were very full. The girl I sat next to said that they had had electrical issues earlier in the trip. I finally made it down to Solana Beach, and Mike was there, and yay!! And then I went zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Here is Kameron playing with his trucks:

The end!


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