Yay Matt! and stupid gas station


Here are all the pictures I took last night at NCT. Sorry, the lighting is a little funky on some of them. But there are still some funny ones!

Matt Performs at NCT May 08

After gelato (mmm), Mike still had to take me back to UCSD to get my car, and then we had to drive home, and I stopped to get gas. I pulled up to a pump, and tried my credit card three times, and the machine wouldn’t read it. And then it stopped the pump! GRRRRRR. So I got back in my car, moved to a new pump, which I hate doing, because everyone is going “OMG she is so stupid, she can’t even pump gas”, swiped again. It wouldn’t read, so I went back to the car to get my other card, AND IT STOPPED THE PUMP. Ok, it’s 10:30 at night, I just want some friggin gas, now I have to go inside. I hate people. I go inside, there’s no attendant, there’s a line, yada yada, of course the card works fine inside. I go back out, I’m really irritated, I pump the gas. No receipt, cuz I had to go inside. There may be fumes coming off my head by now. My car odomter doesn’t reset to 0 by itself (I may have been a wee bit impatient here) so I jabbed the reset button….which eliminated my car’s mpg for the last YEAR AND A HALF. I was so proud of it, and, now, it’s gone. GAR. And I didn’t have my phone to record the numbers, so I had to write them on my hand. Pittance, I know, but I was so irritated last night.


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