Mother’s Day in Long Beach


On Sunday, Mike and I got up at the buttcrack of dawn to catch the train up to OC for the day. My parents picked us up in Irvine, and we went to Zov’s for some delectable breakfasties. I had a frittata with tomatoes, basil, and mozarella. Nom nom nom. We went back to the house for a while, and then dad picked up my grandma, and we went to Long Beach to my Aunt Ruth’s place. She’s renting, like, a carriage house. It’s an apartment built over the garage. The house in front is FABULOUS. It’s this great, gorgeous old 1930s Craftsman. It’s been immaculately kept (or restored) and I wanted to storm in and take pictures of the entire house. I refrained, and took pictures of the back of the house:

We then walked to La Parolaccia Osteria in Long Beach for “linner”. I got pesto penne with sundried tomatoes and goat cheese. More nom-ness. Mike got a calzone called VESUVIUS and it was erupting marinara sauce. Hee! Here’s the fam, gathered together:

I can’t believe I forgot my phone today! I’m just shy of 460 miles this AM, and have less than a bub left of gas. I’ll fill up on my way home. That should still put me in the range (because the gas station is still at least 10 miles on my way home) of about 50 mpg. Which is awesome. (My tank only takes about 9 gallons.) I last got gas on 4/28, which puts me just over two weeks. Considering I drive almost 40 miles every day, that’s nothing to sneeze at.


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