9:56:02 AM Robyn: I love TiVo
9:56:10 AM Robyn: I called to cancel the service on my old Series 2 cuz it won’t boot (my original TiVo)
9:56:16 AM Robyn: They’re like, “Oh, we’ll replace it for free.”
9:56:21 AM Robyn: I said, “Um, what’s the catch?”
9:56:37 AM Robyn: They’re like, “None, you’re a loyal customer, and we’ll even give you a Series 2 DT (Dual Tuner) to replace it, with a bigger HD (80 gigs vs 40 gigs).”
9:56:42 AM Robyn: And I was like, “SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!”
10:02:23 AM Robyn: I even have the original box to send it back in, with the ORIGINAL PACKAGING.

So for the cost of shipping it to Texas, I get a replacement TiVo that is not freezing on boot and has dual tuners (two shows at once!) and has a bigger hard drive. Awesome-sauce.


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