Welcome our new arrival!


Say hello to the newest member of our TiVo family (which currently consists of two Series 2 TiVos, non-dual tuners). It’s a TiVo HD (which will be nice with our HDtv!) for which we trudged allllll the way up to the Costco in Vista to procure. That is the Costco of Items Past ™ and they carry all the stuff that other Costcos used to carry and don’t have anymore. It was only $279 there, and we picked up an HDMI cable with a cleaner cloth and a power thingie for only $40.

Since we have the crazed TiVo downstairs still (it’s crazed because you can’t transfer anything to or from it without it deciding to reboot itself in a cycle until you cancel the transfer), hooked up to the digital cable box, the new TiVo has been relegated to the tiny tv in the office, so it can be on the network and download any software updates. It’ll be all set for when Cox comes with the cableCARDs on Wednesday.

I think it’s pretty awesome that TiVo set it all up to work with cableCARDs. Having the digital cable box attacked attached to the TiVo was really a pain in the patootie to set up. And when you change channels, it has to tell the TiVo, then the TiVo tells the cable box, and then it’s ten seconds down the line and the channel finally changes. With the cableCARDs, we’ll eliminate the cable box from the equation. I had told Mike that there was no way on heaven or on earth that I was setting up a new TiVo to work with that digital cable box, because it was hours of wrenching and yelling at the inputs and then it suddenly just decided it worked. WTH.

All in all, YAY new TiVo!


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