Today’s offerings:
chocolate dipped “biscuits”
a box of assorted chocolate someone is selling

Everyone is “dieting”, yet it’s impossible to get through the building without finding something chocolate. I know for a fact that C&G had a whole 2lb box of See’s last week, not to mention the Mexican pastries and the bundt cake.
Am tired. And unmotivated to study Arabic. Mike and I went on a three mile walk last night, which rendered my legs tired. Then we walked about a mile and change at work at lunch, which rendered my legs more tired. Then I walked down the hill (for the second time today) carrying my computer, a bag of backup tapes, and a Dell monitor. Now my arms are tired too. I’m looking forward to going home to a stack of Arabic vocabulary and supporting Pure Yellow Colour at Lestat’s tonight. While studying.
Bleh, I feel unmotivated in general.


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