Lost in a world of copying seemingly endless Arabic characters, I look up and go “Where did the last hour and a half GO?”

I feel frustrated because I don’t feel like I’m really learning any words. Maybe that’s supposed to be self-study, but the teacher (I can’t even remember the word for teacher) is so scattered, there’s never a “learn this for X” or “learn this by next week”, it’s more of “hey, here’s a giant packet of words, fun, eh? yeah! here’s another! momtez!” And I kind of go….and?

At least I know the whole frickin’ alphabet now. Ha, I even did a wordsearch in Arabic. (Ok, ok, I have no idea what the words were, I was just searching for the right letters, but you even had to find the independent forms as opposed to the forms in each word. But, when I do word searches in English, I’m usually just looking for the first couple letters, anyways, so I figure it was barely cheating at all. How come this aside is longer than the actual sentence? And how come I feel more motivated to post about this because I’m procrastinating attempting to learn different words for buildings that the teacher will probably go over and cast aside like last week’s packets and hand us five more?)


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