Work Frustrations, follow up


Due to my uber Google-fu powers, I managed to find the name and email address of the CTO of PocketMac, the company who has been jipping me all week. Here’s the email I sent to him.

Terence “Dr. CE” Goggin 29 Nov 2006
Information Appliance Associates
Makers of PocketMac

Dr. Goggin,
I felt obliged to let you know, as the CTO of Information Appliance Associates, of the poor customer service that I have been receiving regarding PocketMac 4.

I have been corresponding, albeit extremely slowly on PocketMac’s end, with two customer service agents. One is named Steve Z, and the other is Adrian. I emailed with Steve extensively, trying to resolve an issue with Now Up to Date (also called Now Calendar, which is not the same thing as Now Contact). We have been unable to get the Now “Calendar” to sync with a Blackberry because part of the PocketMac software called “NowRimCalendar” crashes upon every sync. Steve did send me a couple of useful troubleshooting emails at first, and then stopped responding and sent me one “form” email about NowContact.

In frustration, I purchased a PocketMac “tech call” on Tuesday (11/21) of last week. Adrian sent me email after I had already left work on Wednesday. I responded to him immediately from home and we rescheduled for Monday (11/27) at 9:15a. My user, who has the Blackberry, came in early specifically so I could have her Blackberry and her computer on hand, ready for the tech call. No one ever called. No email was received until late that evening, rescheduling for 9:15a Tuesday morning. No one called again. No email was received regarding the call. I sent them email several times throughout the day and, much to my frustration, got the “form” Now Contact patch email again!

Your company has already charged my credit card, but I have not received any support on this issue, especially now that I have paid for it. I find the lack of communication highly unprofessional and frustrating. Any advice would be appreciated.

Robyn Daly
Robyn Daly
Programmer/Analyst I
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
9500 Gilman Dr. 0210
La Jolla, CA 92093-0210


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