Thanksgiving Wraps

  • New experience #1: Walked to UTC. Surprised that it only took about 25 minutes.
  • New experience #2: Bought jeans at Eddie Bauer, seeing as they gapped the least in the back. Curse my waist.
  • New experience #3: Was disgusted at selection of Land’s End jeans at Sears.
  • New experience #4: Observed clearly active, work-out-type early 30s guy carry a giant bag of McDonalds from McDonalds to the senior retirement home on Nobel. Curious.

Thanksgiving was very nice, albeit somniferous. Food was good, but we forgot “my” sweet potatoes at home 😦 “Mine” being the ones without the cranberries and the pineapple mixed it. It was nice having Mike join us as one of the family. Last year, I almost wrote up a big sign that read “He’s in North Carolina with his mom” because I got asked so many times where Mike was 🙂 On Friday, we ate pumpkin pancakes at Coco’s and we had yummy Japanese food in the evening. We also saw Will Ferrell’s Stranger Than Fiction, which was really very good. On Saturday, we puttered around and went to the Orange Mall Village at Orange and ate at Panera. Mmmmmmm I.C. Mocha.
Also, my parents abandoned their Tivo in favor of a DVR from TimeWarner that they can’t figure out how to record or use. I had to teach them how to use the Guide function, even. Although they got a really nice 40″ LCD to go with their confusing DVR. I’d rather have my Tivo. Thusly, I inherited their Tivo. Woo! Now I can watch randomness from the coziness of my bed, too. It took two phone calls to Tivo, though, to convince them it was no longer my parents’ Tivo.
I’m trying to decide whether to make a plum-apple cake or chocolate chip cookies this afternoon. Either way, I have to go to the store. No lemons for the cake and no milk for the cookies. I’d like to walk, but my hip is bugging me after the walk this morning.


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