The Great Work Shift


Well, today was day 2 of moving our servers from our old building to our new building farther up the hill. We’re going to be a 5-10 minute walk (depending on how much you’re carrying) from all of our users instead of next door. In an old, 1916 cottage up on a cliff that already has five inhabitants (the web geeks). It’s approximately 1000 sq feet and has a bathroom and a server room. It is not large and the powers that be fully expected us to smash 9 people into that space, not mention how much random “stuff” we have. My theory was to have the desks be a whomever gets there first gets the best desk thing, but that didn’t fly. Apparently, the “owner” of the nearby building T-25 has offered us three people-spaces, but no storage space. I spent most of Friday moving “stuff” (read: old G4 towers, monitors, keyboards, tables) back and forth between buildings. We have one infinitely small office in the actual administration building where most of our users are. It’s maybe 8×8. They expect us to keep our crap there.

They’ve told us we’re moving for four years now, basically since I started working there. I’m tired of dragging it out and being in limbo. People have already thought we’ve moved for years and I’m ready to just move and be done with it. Packing the crap, I’d rather not do though. I’m not sure how we’re supposed to move with people calling me all the time and breaking their computers and stuff 🙂

Speaking of people calling me, I’ve recently developed a habit of being able to be in the bathroom exclusively when people call. I get up, go to the bathroom, come back and there’s a message or one of my coworkers is telling me so and so called. It’s quite ironic, really.

I want a real doggie.


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