So shiny


3:17:47 PM robyn: Firefox 2 is out!
3:17:57 PM mike: officially?
3:18:02 PM robyn: it’s on the webpage
3:18:06 PM robyn: i went to
3:18:09 PM mike: ff itself does not register a new version
3:18:11 PM robyn: and it’s like Firefox 2 download!!
3:18:29 PM mike: but sweet sassy
3:18:33 PM robyn: Exactly
3:18:35 PM robyn: sweet sassy
3:18:36 PM mike: altho i dont think there’s anything too new or mind-blowing
3:18:39 PM mike: still
3:18:40 PM mike: /downloading
3:18:41 PM robyn: MIND BLOWING
3:18:46 PM robyn: it is a whole .5 of newness!
3:18:50 PM mike: hahaha
3:18:52 PM mike: /poke
3:19:00 PM robyn: /cheesy grin


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