Revelation of the day


Four years ago or so, when my car was new (to me), I was in OC, visiting my parental units, and they gave me a Costco apple pie to take back to SD with me. Said pies are wrapped in plastic, so I happily threw it in my backseat and drove away.

Sadly, when I went to retrieve the pie from the car, the plastic had sprung an leak and oozed gooey apple pie filling all over the back part of the seat. I mopped it up a bit, but it has forever been a stain in my back seat.

Now, I don’t know why it took me four years to THINK of this, but last night, armed with Resolve (the carpet cleaner, not the emotion), I went out there and attacked said stain. And VERY surprisingly, a lot of it came off. It was dark in the garage, so I couldn’t see very well, but I think a little more elbow grease and more Resolve (and resolve) would get the majority of it out. I am teh genius!

Tickle Me Elmo–May cause seizures


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