Stats is DONE


I went into the final last night feeling reasonably confident. After all, we had been doing the same problem over and over for three weeks with different variables. So, how could I get it wrong?

Well, the test turned out to be about 65% theory (to which I started madly plugging in numbers to test things) and the rest was actual problems, most of which were waaaaay back in Ch. 6, so I was like, “Hm, do I remember how to do this?”

Coming out of the final, I was a little shaky on how well I did. I figured I had probably gotten 4-6 wrong, based on what people were conversing about in the post-final-hack-talk. I figured, despite my As in everything else, that probably placed me squarely in the B category, seeing as the test only had 20 problems, and each was worth 25 points. Which is a lot of points for a freakin’ multiple choice test.

Anywho, all was well. I ended up only missing 3 questions on the test (which was an A) and got an A in the class. I went up to the teacher all solemn-like, and he wrote down my scores on a piece of paper, and then wrote A, and I turned around to go back to my seat with a huge grin on my face.

I conquered stats. I got an A in a math class. The last time that happened was in Pre-Calculus way back in 11th grade. My fear of math is slightly lessened, thanks to the global-warming-talking-knows-everything-(including-philosophy) stats teacher. I may not respect him, but I salute him for teaching the way he does.


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