This is Robyn not sleeping due to a migraine that seems to fade in and out, two excedrin and a diet coke and a half in one day (that’s a lot of caffeine), a loud couple that decided to start arguing outside my window just as I was almost drifting off earlier, and now the wonderful Thunderfeet, who, in addition to their normal floorboard creaking walking, have turned on music and are talking loudly enough that I can hear murmurings.

I’m tired, I’m cranky, I’m antsy, and I can’t sleep.

Edit: 2a-While I’ve dozed here and there and am now just really tired, Thunderfeet are STILL awake and dropping things on the floor/ceiling what have you and I’ve slammed my fist into the ceiling a couple times. They were giggling a minute ago.

Edit: 6:30a–And as I feared, though only having fallen asleep about 3 and a half hours ago, my body has deemed it wise to wake me up at 6:30. Why can’t it just go back to sleep??


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